Who is Frogs Voyages

Agence Frogs en Nouvelle-Zélande

Frogs Voyages is the premier Auckland French inbound travel Agency

Our team of 9 permanent French crew is dedicated to sharing its expertise, building original tourism products and book travel for French-speaking visitors from around the world.

Every month, we process hundreds of enquiries about campervan rentals, tailored itineraries, accommodations, activities and language schools and provide business to more than 300 preferred suppliers in New Zealand. Our in-depth knowledge of the country and strong involvement with the local tourism industry are the keys to our success.

We are tapping into a growing market of 55,000+ French-speaking visitors a year , from backpackers on a budget to world-savvy tourists looking for a high-end luxury experience, coming from both Europe and French territories of the Pacific.

Frogs Voyages wishes to build strong and lasting relationships with a selection of partners in all towns and regions of New Zealand. Our selection is based on quality to match the standards required by our customers.

From paper guidebooks to mobile app


From 2002 until 2010, Frogs-in-NZ.com has produced and published a collection of 4 comprehensive New Zealand travel guidebooks in French. The “Guides des Frogs” were distributed in most French-speaking countries and highly regarded by both booksellers and travelers.23,000 copies were sold. The content was migrated to a mobile app in early 2013.  This highly interactive digital platform for iPhone and Android devices is loaded with Geo-localized Points of Interests, travel information, reviews and tips – all in French. Around 4,000 copies are downloaded each year. NZ Tourism operators can benefit from Featured Listings or Advertising by contacting us.

Our background

Frogs Voyages  is the travel arm of Frogs-in-NZ Ltd , a New Zealand company created in 2001 by ex-parisian duo Sebastien Michel and Carole Zink to meet the growing demands of the French tourism market.

Frogs-in-NZ is highly ranked by search engines and attracts over 185,000 visitors a year, resulting in more than 1.6 million pages viewed annually. We pride ourselves on having a strong social presence with 9,000+ Facebook fans. 

We welcome feed backs and opportunities

See also:  Frogs Tribu , our community website for French-speaking Working Holidaymakers, backpackers and expats traveling, living and working in New Zealand.